Rafael Alvarez in 1981 founded the company with a strong family character. It began operation dedicated to the marketing of all types of iron and steel in various sectors, construction, automotive, shipbuilding, etc. Over the years, the company grew into their products, capacities and types of customers.

Since 2008, our goal was the internationalization company, a situation that forced us to invest in research, market studies and many travels. As a result, we created the Dpt. Of Design and Engineering and concentrate the activity here being our target for growth and development since.

In 2016, SUALSA is an international business group.



The experience and knowledge of different products and markets give us the opportunity to address many customers in different countries.

The level of commitment is one of our greatest strengths, flexibility of working in different time zones, staff availability, adaptability, constant renewal policy, research and development, the company has managed to consolidate both nationally and internationally.

Starting from steel, offer all kinds of solutions prefabricated buildings of high quality, mainly are used for homes, schools, industrial buildings and offices, etc. Such solutions designed and calculated by our Department. Engineering following both European regulations as typical of destination country, adapting to the needs of each client. Our natural market is Latin America and Caribbean in this area focus our activity, additionally being carried off operations in several African countries.

The ISO 9001 and 14001 certification applied to industrialized manufacturing, computer software, European origin materials, finished products and art, as well as an important technical team, make SUALSA a company adapted to the demands of globalization of the XXI century. CURRENTLY we offer global solutions tailored to the needs of each project, from consulting, design and financing solutions through Photovoltaic Power Generation, Desalination Plants, Sewage and Recycling.


Policy effort and commitment to the customer who deposited their trust in us are our greatest strength. We very much solidarity and respect for nature as fundamental values policy.